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  • By Simon Goble
  • 25 Jul 2009

As we collected ideas for the MOO Ideas Book we were blown away by how many of our customers create jewellery, sweet treats or t-shirts to sell. Some of you own a shop or café, whilst others own online stores - either custom built, or created with the help of websites like Etsy or Dawanda.

With this is mind we thought it'd be a great idea to catch up with our friends at online T-Shirt printers, Spreadshirt, to ask for their advice about using your creative talents and passion to make money through their online store.

Kathrin, Spreadshirt's Shop Partner Marketing Manager kindly answered our questions, with some great tips we thought we'd share:

"So, how do you earn money with an online store?"

There are two ways to earn money with Spreadshirt's online store:

1. Sell your designs

The first step here is to upload your designs onto our platform. You can then easily set a commission on your designs, which you get paid each time your design is sold. Your design can be bought from three different places:

T-Shirt Designer - this is where our customers create their own apparel. They can select the products they want to create, add a design (preferably yours), perhaps a little personalised text and, voila, the custom product is theirs to buy.

Marketplace - here you can do the "leg-work" for our customers by adding your design to a product of your choice; matching the design/shirt colours and placement to how you imagined it, essentially creating a 'Ready Made' product.

Spreadshirt Shops - if you've uploaded and published a design to our platform, your creations also appear in the Design Gallery. Other Spreadshirt Shop Partners can then add your design to their shops (and add their own extra commission to it) so that both you and the other Shop Partner earn a commissions on the sale.

2. Open a t-shirt shop

The second option is to open a free t-shirt shop, from which you sell your products. Here you can also set a commission for your products, earning money on each sale from your shop. This shop can even be integrated into your website or blog, allowing you to sell from there. Spreadshirt takes care of the printing, shipping and service - all you need to do is design and add the products to your shop. Check out how some of our featured shop partners have set up their shops and sell their products:

In addition to earning money with your designs on apparel, a shop is a great way to promote yourself offline - t-shirts are "walking apparel advertisements" worn by you, your friends, fans and customers.

Thanks Kathrin for the great advice!

  • Spreadshirt: Selling your designs

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