Meet John Carratt

John Carratt of SeeInside is a photographer with a very special client – you’ve heard of Google, right? He’s a Google Trusted Photographer, offering Google Business Photos for the “See Inside” button on Google Street View, which lets you see the interior of businesses anywhere in the world – anything from a hotel you may want to stay in, to a restaurant you’re thinking of eating at, to a shop you’d like to visit.

Have a peek

As a Google Trusted Photographer for Hampshire, John hands out his card to anyone he thinks might be interested in the service. Cleverly, he’s used Printfinity to make sure of a truly bespoke experience, by tailoring the images of each card towards the recipient. “People love to receive a card that's been picked out just for them.” John tells us. “It creates conversation and that means more sales!"

And there’s more…

John also adds QR codes to his Business Cards so that anyone who’s very nearly (but not quite!) convinced can have a look at what the images will look like online if they decide to use his services – the full 360 degree experience. And as we all know, seeing is believing!

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Written on:
06 Nov 2013
Business Card Ideas, Photography, Printfinity
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