If there's a single profession in which standing out is crucial, it's acting – because for every single role, there are a hundred talented people vying to bring it to life. So, we asked actress Sam Hopkins to show us how she uses MOO to market herself.

Perfect promo package

Sam trained at Mountview Academy and graduated in 2007. She's worked steadily since in theatre and short films, and takes self-promotion into her own hands. "At this stage in my career, that's part of my job" she says. With that in mind, Sam went a bit "method" with MOO – experimenting with all our products to work out which ones would work best create a marketing package that represented all her skills.

Multiple roles

There are a lot of different people in the world of an actor who can help you get the job – so Sam's catered to them all. "If I want to quickly give someone my contact details, I'll give them a MiniCard, which just has phone, email, Spotlight and Twitter. For a bit more info, I've made Business Cards as a sort of mini-CV that I can always have with me. Full size CVs and headshots are a real pain to carry around because they get crumpled almost immediately – but if someone unexpectedly asks for my CV, I'll always have the cards with me. I've recently tried this with the Postcards as well; the larger size means I can fit more on. I also use the postcards to invite Casting Directors to see me in productions. It's great to be able to upload images specific to the particular production so they know immediately what the show is."

Stick in their minds

Of all the materials she created, Sam's definitely sticking with stickers! "The rectangular stickers are an ideal size to stick your headshot in the top corner of your CV if you don't want to send a full-size photo. And StickerBooks are ideal for QR codes. I only recently realised how useful it is to have a QR code that links to my Spotlight CV. Everything is increasingly online but we still have to send out plenty of letters and CVs. It's so easy to put a QR code sticker on a letter - then the Casting Director has an instant link to your Spotlight page (or Facebook page, or YouTube showreel) from his or her smartphone. Not everyone has caught on to QR codes yet, so it's a great way to make yourself memorable."

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
MiniCards, Marketing, Business Cards, Postcards, Stickers, Marketing
  • Sam Hopkins - actor and her MOO products
  • Sam Hopkins - actor and her MOO products
  • Sam Hopkins - actor and her MOO products

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