Round Stickers – just think of the possibilities! With all that space to play with, you can promote your brand, products, service – or just have some creative sticky fun. We’ve created lots of new user-friendly templates, so whatever you want to create, we’ve got the tools to make it happen.

Great quality and easy to make

We have lots of new templates, including the ability to put text over your images, and lots of great new fonts.

Round Stickers are made from durable vinyl with a high gloss finish – they really make the colours in your photographs pop!

They’re scratch resistant which means they look great for longer.

Sticky marketing

Upload your logo onto Round Stickers, and use them for sealing gift packaging, customer parcels, or stick them on promotional mailouts.

Make fun branded stickers that you can hand out to new customers as gifts to use or pass on to friends.

Attract attention for your brand with a guerilla-style sticker campaign – stick your logo (and url) stickers anywhere you think people will see them.

Promo Stickers

Promote in-store offers with “10% off”, or “Buy one get one free” stickers – make them as cute and colourful as you like.

Make full use of Printfinity – with the option of a different image on every single sticker in the pack, you can create as many messages and special offer stickers as you like.

Include sheets of stickers in client packages – “Thankyou” stickers can always be reused, or you can make “pass along” stickers with unique discount codes for them to tell their friends about you! It’s also a great way for photographers and artists to pass along sticky examples of their work.

Perfect packaging

Why not print your signature onto Round Stickers and stick it onto your products, or to seal client packages? It’s one way to ensure your name sticks – and everyone loves a personal touch.

Stickers are always fun – you can use them for decorating anything from laptop cases to notebooks, so get creative!

Your MOO stickers come in unbranded boxes – so you can make unusual gifts for your clients, or re-sell them as stand alone gifts.

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
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  • Round Stickers

Create your own Round Stickers

  • Upload your images These can be photos or full artwork. Alternatively import images from Flickr, Facebook or Etsy.
  • Add text or change your sticker/label design Add text to your stickers or labels by changing the pack layout.
  • Make your stickers or labels! In no time at all have amazing stickers and labels to use and share!
  • Start making now