Your products aren’t plain – so why should your product labels be? With new MOO Product Labels, crafters and online goods sellers can create beautifully customised labels that reflect brand, message and personal style.

Why use MOO Product Labels?

- It’s really easy to upload your logo, images or brand colours onto one of our Product Label templates.

- You can label things like beauty products directly onto the bottle – but you can also use our labels for sealing your packaging. You can even print more than one style if it works for your business – just use Printfinity!

- Got an independent store? Promote special offers with customised Round Stickers, like these cool book stickers, with “2 for 1”, “Staff pick” or “Limited Edition” stickers in a variety of colours.

- Own a café or deli? Use your favourite out of eight new Round Stickers templates to upload your own images, with a text box for Product Labels like “Enjoy!” or “No Nuts”, “Vegan” or “Made fresh today!”

What can you do with MOO Product Labels?

- Use Printfinity to have fun experimenting with how you want your labels to look! You can get a different image on every sticker in your order, so why not try lots of different ideas? In one order, you can print traditional Product Labels, but also include some labels with added information about your business, ingredients lists or simply package sealing.

- We’ve got lots of new (and fancy!) fonts for you to choose from, so you can try a few out and decide which one makes your products look even more delicious. Plus, we have lots of new templates, so you can mix and match your label style and layout.

- Write, draw or print on MOO Rectangular Labels – the choice is yours.

Prefer to have Round Labels? Now you can put text directly over your images - which means you have even more ways to personalise your products.

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
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Create your own Product Labels

  • Upload your images These can be photos or full artwork. Alternatively import images from Flickr, Facebook or Etsy.
  • Add text or change your sticker/label design Add text to your stickers or labels by changing the pack layout.
  • Make your stickers or labels! In no time at all have amazing stickers and labels to use and share!
  • Start making now