We love a creative collaboration – and we sure love being part of one! Designer Mick Hodgson made all our dreams come true when he paired MOO with furniture designer Michael Boyd's PLANEfurniture line.

What is PLANEfurniture?

Michael Boyd is a furniture designer and PLANEfurniture is his new 50 piece line of California-made chairs, which he describes as "minimalism with character." Despite being a high end luxury item, they are comfortable, casual and "human friendly". After completing the line, Boyd hired designer Mick Hodgson of Ph.D, A Design Office to create a catalogue to show off the pieces – and that's where MOO entered the picture.

Mick and MOO

Mick Hodgson decided to create some Luxe Business Cards to feature the 50 designs in the PLANEfurniture range – like a pack of trading cards. An avid collector since childhood of baseball cards, chairs and guitars, Boyd describes the cards as "instant ephemera of superb quality." Says Hodgson "We have the QR code on the back so you can go straight to our site with your smartphone."

Let's play cards

At the launch party for PLANEfurniture, a big bowl was brimming with Luxe cards. Several guests had brought children, so Hodgson immediately invented a scavenger hunt using the cards (we knew we liked him!) "We gave the kids half a dozen cards each and it became a great game for them to walk around the gallery hunting for the actual piece of furniture shown on the card. It was more of a challenge than you might think – the angles in the photographs didn't always match the angle in the gallery." We want to play!

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