What is Photobot?

Photobot is a talking robotic photobooth. Yes, you read that correctly! Created by Adam Kemény, this fully automatic, coin operated photobooth is a unique addition to any event – fun loving corporates, weddings, summer parties; any place where memories can (and should!) be made. “In addition to the new automatic booth, our main photobooth, Photobot, has a vintage appearance, but starts talking to you as you take a seat and draw the curtain,” says Adam. “Photobot can sometimes be cheeky or playful but always does its best to get great photos, even from people who hate their pictures being taken, by suggesting poses and gently chiding anyone who doesn't play along.” Satisfied clients include Virgin and The Body Shop, and who are we to argue?

The good kind of tokenism

Photobot combines a uniquely surprising and fun experience, combined with beautiful photography and the quality of the vintage style talking booths. And as it’s so popular, Adam decided to create a “Friends and Family” token system, offering free photos to local businesses in the Brighton area. “I programmed it to accept tokens in addition to real money.” He says “But I figured that if I was somewhere away from the booth and gave out a token there'd be a fair chance that it could disappear into a pocketful of change and be forgotten about so decided to 'package' it in a way that would also remind the receiver of the booth's location.”

The solution? A Luxe Business Card with a token – simply glued on top. (And of course, they make ample use of Printfinity to offer a variety of colors.)

A fantastic response

We’re always happy to know that Luxe puts a smile on people’s faces, but combined with a free Photobot token, it’s having even more of an impact. “People's faces light up when they receive one. The quality feel of the cards combined with the fun and inventive presentation of the token represent values that are key to my brand in a brilliantly simple way. I'm handing over something that at first glance is probably a business card so there's the briefest moment of cognitive dissonance as they process what they are receiving. Delight settles in when they realise that they are being given a free go in a photobooth. It's something fun and unexpected.”

Surprise, delight and a freebie? Sounds like a winning business plan to us.

Think bespoke Luxe Cards could help win you more business? Start by browsing our Luxe design gallery – you might get inspired!


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