Meet James – Cycle Lover

James Greig is a designer by trade, and a cycling and photography enthusiast, whose combined passions led to the creation of CycleLove - a blog-turned-retail store for all things cycling-related. “I watched a documentary about octogenarian Bill Cunningham, who wobbles around New York on his bicycle, shooting incredible street fashion photography.” James explains. “I started taking shots of interesting people on bikes around London. But I still needed somewhere to publish my images, and so the CycleLove blog was born.”

Not just another bike blog

Far from it actually – like MOO, James loves design, and wanted to combine information with a beautifully branded aesthetic. “The bike sites that were out there seemed to fall into two extreme camps; either militantly pro-safety (think: helmets, high-vis, anti Transport for London); or extremely technical and serious (think: Middle age men in lycra, road-racing, energy drinks). I wanted to create a brand which was simple, honest and fun, and which celebrated the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”

Hey – nice packag(ing!)

Quickly, CycleLove transformed from a blog to a shop – with James selling bespoke cycle-themed poster art and t-shirts. And that’s where MOO comes in! “The CycleLove "Road" t-shirts are our first product — but I want to expand the range to include all kinds of bike, from BMX to Boris bikes.” James says. He sends out (and occasionally hand-delivers by bike courier – himself!) his packages complete with bespoke MOO Round Stickers. “My latest batch of stickers was a thank-you present affair.” James adds. “Each set of stickers was customised to match people's bikes.” Now that’s the kind of attention attention to detail that customers are bound to remember!

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Written on:
06 Nov 2013
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