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We love MiniCards at MOO (who would have guessed!) and we’re always experimenting with new ways to use them to have an impact in our daily lives – particularly in the office.

Here are a few of the ways the MOO Crew use them around MOO HQ. Feel free to pinch these ideas and use them in your own office.


Most businesses – MOO included – carry out regular reviews and ‘catch-ups’ between managers and their team. It’s a really good way of helping highlight potential issues, and working out how to be more efficient, and which areas of your work life may need a little extra attention.

We decided to make it a little less formal by creating 1-2-1 MiniCards conversation starters for this very occasion, with questions like “What should we be doing that we’re not doing?”, “If you were me, what changes would you make” and “What would increase your motivation?”

And the best part is they apply to everyone – manager or team member.

Name that face

As any company grows, it inevitably becomes trickier and trickier to remember everyone’s names, and pointing and guessing tends to make everyone feel awkward (trust us!). So we invented the “Who’s Who at MOO?” game for our new starters.

We made Stickers of people’s faces and MiniCards with their names on. But we haven’t made it too easy; you’ll still need an idea of who people are, and that’s achieved by good old-fashioned conversation. In essence, to complete the game our new starters have to do a bit of office networking (but they’ll definitely make some friends in the process).

A spot of Wifi?

We’re lucky to get a fair few visitors at MOO HQ – from customers coming to look around on open days to a steady stream of visiting execs, board members and potential partners.

That’s why we keep a box of MiniCards in every meeting room, with the Wifi name and password printed on them. It makes it a lot easier for our guests, while also showing them that we really do use our own products.

Fancy creating some office-friendly MiniCards?

Written on:
05 Sep 2013
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