Meet Ola Möller

MethodKit is the brainchild of Ola Möller, a designer working in Sweden. The seeds were sown during a fraught 3 months living out of a suitcase while making the slow move from Berlin to Stockholm. “Trying to understand where I was headed and what to do after my last project…the idea of MethodKit popped into my head.” Ola says. The idea? A “MethodKit for Personal Development” as a way to actualize and shape the endless search of the wandering creative to find their new direction.

What is MethodKit?

“It’s a way to map out different aspects of what I needed to think about when creating projects.” Ola explains. “At first it was an extremely dispersed, philosophic process which boiled down to a very tangible outcome.” And that tangible outcome manifested – rather beautifully – in a set of Rounded Corner Business Cards. They’re a way of mind mapping ideas from conception (the classic notebook scribble) to completion, within what Ola calls an “actionable development process” (under 4 months) - while keeping the idea clearing your head, and finding new ways to think using a different criteria set out on every card (using Prinfitnity, of course!).

How does it work?

Ola developed two sets - MethodKits for Projects and MethodKits for Personal Development, using Rounded Corner cards as the staple, with their own Stickers to seal the deal. “MethodKit became a way for me to use visual thinking and to develop ideas more intuitively. Where visuals were not just ways of presenting ideas but also tools for developing them.” They’re perfect for creatives on the go – you never know when you’ll have a killer idea and need to develop it fast or lose it forever.” With MethodKit, as with your regular Business Cards, you can keep your tool with you at all times. Plus, we love how Ola took our White Label Packaging and made it his own.

Think you could put MethodKit to good use – or design your own bespoke Business Cards?

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
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