Me Make, You Make – we all make!

MeMake is the brainchild of creative Jane Bernstein, who sells her original handcrafted accessories – ranging from from knitted bags, purses, and beautiful jewellery – from her Etsy shop. "I love to mix colour, texture and materials to create bags, jewellery, cushions and fashion accessories." says Jane. "I use new, recycled and vintage fabrics with ribbon and hand knitted details."

Always be unique

Each piece Jane makes is a one-of-a-kind, unique item – which means that even without any extra effort, they're all special. But Jane likes to go the extra mile, and uses MOO MiniCards, uploaded with beautiful images of her goods, as hang-tags attached to each item.

Printfinity - a perfect match

Using Printfinity, the technology which allows a different image on every single card, Jane was able to have a little fun with her customers. "I use a MiniCard with an image that matches the product before I send it off to the buyer." Jane tells us. It's the kind of extra touch that really makes a customer feel special – and lets them know that they're as unique as their new purchase. (Plus, they can always pass it along to a friend – which is great marketing for MeMake).

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Stickers, Marketing, Printfinity, Retail
  • MeMake - MiniCard swing tags
  • MeMake - MiniCard swing tags

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