Meet Lucie Cohen

Photographer and art worker specialist Lucie Jordanna Cohen (who is also part of the MOO Crew!) graduated in 2011 with a 1st class BA in photojournalism from The London College of Communication. She loves to mix written and visual art forms – and of course, being an arty type who also gets to go out and scout for stories, she has to do a fair bit of networking too.

It’s Showtime!

When it comes to graduate showcases, the world of photography students is a savvy, business-minded one. “I knew I needed Business Cards for my graduate showcase because we treated it like a massive networking event, “ says Lucie.  “And my degree show was on astronomy and astrophotography so my images are quite "arty" which means I had a golden opportunity to create cards that people would want to actually keep.”

Lucie made simple Original Matte cards to hand out to clients - one side white with black contact details and the reverse black with her logo in white. “I want to be able to use them for all occasions and for all kinds of clients,” she explains. “That way, I'm not limiting my audience because they only have, for example, fashion photos on them.”

Have here – or take away?

While her Business Cards are simple, Lucie definitely made excellent use of Printfinity – with Postcards. “When I go to exhibitions I like collecting things; picking up flyers, postcards, business cards etc. So I decided that I wanted other people to be able to do the same. Using Printfinity I created Postcards with copies of all of the images displayed at my exhibition (with my contact information on the back). That way people could take home a part of my exhibition with them - it's like having a free mini print!

“I had a podium display below my prints, where I put my “take away” Postcards. It prompted people to look at my prints if they hadn't already and also gave them more space to look at each Postcard individually.”

Are you a student or photographer? Have a look at some amazing ideas from photographers who use MOO innovatively, and see what MOO can do for graduating students.


Written on:
06 Nov 2013
MiniCard Ideas, Photography
  • Lucie Jordanna
  • Lucie Jordanna
  • Lucie Jordanna

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