Getting crochety

Karia Solano was taught the often-neglected art of crocheting by her mother as a teenager - and she's been doing it ever since. Now a professional crafter who sells her beautiful handcrafted 100% alpaca wool blankets, ties, gloves and more online, she still remembers the days when she'd bring her wool into class and crochet through her lessons. Now that's dedication!

Crafty marketing

"I give my MiniCards and Stickers out to everyone I meet. I also put Labels with handwritten thank you notes on the outside of my shipping boxes and use the Logo Stickers as a wax seal to seal package envelopes! I have my logo and care instructions printed on StickerBooks for all my products and attach them to the relevant products. I use simple round tins to package my ties and fingerless gloves and on the outside of the tin is a small Logo Sticker. It's great for branding because the customer keeps and reuses the tin and sees my logo every time. At the same time I have transformed unremarkable tins into elegant, reusable, custom packaging!"

The full package

"Before a customer even opens their first order with me they see my logo. I have a luxury brand and my customers expect a certain quality in everything, MOO helps me give them the quality they expect right from the first MiniCard all the way to the unboxing of their first order." Karia, we love the way you think!

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Stickers, Marketing
  • Kouture Crochet by Karia Solano
  • Kouture Crochet by Karia Solano
  • Kouture Crochet by Karia Solano

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