Who are Kitschy Chic?

California-based Holly McNeal was a cosmetologist in a former life. She discovered a love of home made spice blends when she married her USMC Marine husband. “He’d been military and fast food for 13 years, food that was so overcooked and boiled for so long, he only liked meat, potatoes and fast food.” Holly recalls. “I realized I needed to find aw ay to persuade him to eat foods he didn’t like, by creating food so bursting with flavour, colour and spice, so he wouldn’t be able to not like the taste.”

Find your inner Spice Girl

Holly gave up her cosmetology career to start up Kitschy Chic, and immediately got busy creating user-friendly blends for even the least creative chefs to play with. “I want people to discover their own creative side through my spice blends, and to realize that the flavours in fruits, meats, and vegetables come alive with the right combinations of spices.” She says. “It’s all about tastes, sensations, mixing the usual with the unusual. Putting cinnamon with pepper, and green tea with salt.” But she didn’t want her passion to become just another job – and finding herself suddenly alone in a new town, and her husband deployed to Afghanistan, she could, as she puts it, “get lost in the creative process of inventing, and tasting and trying new things.”

Spice up your life (with MOO!)

Of course, someone as creative as Holly couldn’t help but look at the idea of packaging, and want it to be as appealing as her spice blends, She created these fantastic rock-roll biker girl Round Stickers for pot lids and labels (using Printfinity to make some in colour and some in black and white), to express the kick-ass nature of her amazing creations – and it works! And in keeping with the retro-style theme, she created some funny product labels, reminiscent of sexist 50s advertising – with a distinctly wry smile, given the origins of her business idea! We also love these rectangular stickers that give information of what spices make up the blend.

Fancy making some amazing product labels to wow your customers?

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
Sticker Ideas, Small Business Ideas
  • Kitschy Chic Spice
  • Kitschy Chic Spice
  • Kitschy Chic Spice
  • Kitschy Chic Spice

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