Who is Mind Your Design?

Mind Your Design is a Pennsylvania-based design and photography studio run by Paul Boger and Chyna Geib. A savvy multi-tasking company who design for print, web and identity, they also run a photography branch, doing everything from portrait and commercial to events and architecture. So that’s all artistic bases covered then! We love the ethos of Mind your Design – probably because like MOO, their main concern is making their clients happy.

You are cordially invited

Mind Your Design used MOO when a client asked them to design invitations to a surprise 60th birthday party. “Our client needed to send out invitations, and know who would be attending, without making the 'surprise' aware. We decided that the combination of an invitation and RSVP using Postcards and MiniCards would work well.”

Invitation Suite - sweet!

We love the way MYD created a complement of printed products for the invite – with a MiniCard RSVP designed to perfectly match the Postcard that contained all the vital information. It’s easy enough to do yourself too, and if you prefer, you could use classic Business Cards for lighthearted “Feedback” cards, or create them as “Conversation Ice Breakers” for guests to bring to the party.

Need to make an invitation suite? Start with a Postcard – and see where inspiration takes you!

  • An invitation suite
  • An invitation suite
  • An invitation suite

Create your own MiniCards

  • Upload your images These can be photos or full artwork. Alternatively import images from Flickr, Facebook or Etsy.
  • Or browse MOO templates Use one of our layouts to create professional and creative cards
  • Make your cards! In no time at all have amazing MOO cards to share!
  • Start making now