What is DoorDitch?

DoorDitch is a beautifully named Instagram project dreamed up by London based photographer and blogger Mark Carroll. It showcases the artist-enhanced  doors of Shoreditch in East London – historically, an area bursting at the seams with unsung artists using doors as their canvasses. Now with so much regeneration in the area, Mark is preserving them in as many ways as he can – with a little help from the Internet (and MOO!)

Every door tells a story

Despite the transience of door art, Mark has created a narrative to go along with his brand – he wants each door to have story. He encourages those who follow his blog, or his Twitter, to simply “pick an empty door and submit your story.” He adds, “Since I started the project, the area has become a little too polished and changed from the laid back off the beaten track feel - the true charm that once lay dormant is slowly being erased. So DoorDitch now has a looser purpose - a snap shot of what once was, the mistakes and character of the surrounding area before they disappear. Creating a short 100 words or less tale, poem, haiku or fable about the door or what might be behind it. 100 doors, 100 writers each with 100 words bringing DoorDitch to life.”
What’s it got to do with MOO?
Blogs don’t sell themselves – you have to give them a little bit of offline help. That’s why Mark printed up stickers and Business Cards showcasing the originality and beautify of DoorDitch. I put the images on MOO Stickers, Business Cards and Postcards to share with people and get the word out.” he tells us. And let’s be honest, if we got a fabulous sticker of a piece-of-art-door from a stranger – you’d check the URL, right?

If you’d like to do your own grassroots blog marketing, why not turn some of your own photographs into Sticker giveaways?
Written on:
06 Nov 2013
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