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Art with Purpose

Visuals can make for great motivational tools – a well-timed photograph can explain a confusing situation, incite emotion, and even spur a viewer (or dozens) to action. So what better way to promote a cause than through creating powerful images? That’s where Frame of Mind comes in. As a photography workshop that focuses on conservationism, Frame of Mind’s three founders Deanna, Robin, and Neil work to teach adolescents about both the technical skill of their craft, as well as how to apply it to a worthy cause. Not only can their students spread their message through their photo essays, but by teaching younger generations about conservation issues, Frame of Mind works towards a more enlightened future.

Picture Perfect

Upon learning more about the trio behind Frame of Mind, it seems only natural that they’d come together on such a venture. Each founder has a background in environmentalism, spanning from degrees in Environmental studies and Biodiversity Conservation, to working with wildlife magazines. And of course, all three are skilled at photography. Frame of Mind seemed like the perfect project to combine their mutual interests – and having a good cause didn’t hurt either. “The three of us ran our first workshop together in Jacmel, Haiti, in August 2011,” explains Deanna. “Thanks to a partnership with a Haitian-based NGO, it was a great success - we contributed a photography and storytelling component as part of an ongoing youth journalism project involving communications around biodiversity and climate change issues in Haiti.” And the rest is history!

About Face

To share their project and efforts with acquaintances, Deanna used MOO Business Cards to highlight the students she had worked with in Haiti. The cards use Printfinity to showcase the smiling faces of half a dozen different students, each holding up a sign describing what they learned from their conservationist photo essays. “When thinking of how to represent Frame of Mind's work through our business cards, we wanted to emphasize that the youth who participate in our workshops are the reason the program has been a success,” said Deanna. “When we hand someone a card, they quickly get a sense of what we do, without needing to read a bunch of text.” Or as they like to say, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Visit Frame of Mind’s site to learn more about their program and check out MOO Business Cards to see if they could work for your cause.

Written on:
13 Nov 2013
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