A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

It all began after I graduated from high school in science and engineering. I did computer studies, which led me to work for companies such as AOL France or ST Microelectronics. In my free time, I've always had a passion for film set props – back in the day, I would have loved a Back to the Future Delorean, a Ghostbusters Proton Pack or a real R2-D2! (And FYI, R2-D2 has a much more "loveable" side to it than C-3PO - but it's really Anakin I relate the most to, as I also keep my dark side pretty well hidden!)

I started building my first R2-D2 replica in 1998. A second was born in 2009, made of aluminium and PVC. A remote control allows you to operate nine engines to make it more realistic and interactive. A small arm with a clip is hidden and can get out of the body. True to the film, its head rotates at 360 ° and it emits the famous "beeps"!

In the near future, it will be equipped with a video projector, so it can project the famous message of Princess Leia on a wall.

Recently, George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, which I believe will bring us new movies, products, video games and Disney attractions… and I will be following this very closely! In any case, I’m very confident about the quality of what is coming up. In the meantime, I’m working on a Daft Punk helmet: it will be an exact replica with chrome and red LEDs to display messages.

Make your own R2-D2 at home

If you want to build their own R2-D2, there are web sites to help you. When I started in 1998, there were very few resources, but now you can find technical drawings with dimensions of each part of the small robot!

Take a look at my creations on R2-D2 by Eric. If you want to know more, there are two reference sites: Astromech.net, a site dedicated to R2 Builders and another in french : R2builders.fr.

R2-D2 by Eric

I offer MOO cards to my fans at events such as Comic Con Paris or the Paris Games Week … With their stickers, I created magnets which people love!

I discovered MOO last year, when they graciously offered me 50 Facebook Cards. I’ve since become an addict! I appreciate the professionalism of their service, speed, price and the quality of their products.

A bit of "wisdom" to finish

Wisdom and patience, it takes, when you build a full size R2-D2.

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Written on:
18 Jun 2013
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