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Enterprise Nation, founded in 2006 by Emma Jones, has grown to become the largest community of homeworkers in the UK. If you'd like some advice for your small businesses or freelancer career, Enterprise Nation have shared their top tips in MOO's Expert Tips section.

Complementary cards

Enterprise Nation has a very distinguishable logo, colour scheme and brand identity. Their site has symbols created from geometric shapes and Emma decided that her business card should complement the Enterprise Nation site. Taking the geometric shapes and brand colours, Emma has designed and uploaded a selection of designs for the front of her cards.

Creating custom cards

There are six different designs in each pack of Enterprise Nation's business cards, as well as a fully customised details side. After following MOO's design guidelines Emma produced a design for each card and uploaded the PDFs straight to

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Business Cards
  • Enterprise Nation co-ordinated their MOO Business Cards with their website using Printfinity

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