Who is Constance Guhr?

Constanze Guhr is an illustrator with various clients, all neediing a different style of work. In her spare time Constanze runs the popular blog, "Constanze Guhr Illustration" where she tells readers the lowdown on her latest work, illustrations - and (most impressively!) shows off her awesome crafting skills.

How very well crafted!

Constanze’s little works of art are quite something. She makes beautiful self illustrated MiniCards bookmarks to give to her clients as thank you gifts – which we think is a great way to inspire loyalty and repeat custom. And thanks to Printfinity, she’s able to show off quite a few of her best illustrations so her customers can collect the whole range. (Any why wouldn’t you want them all?)

And there’s more....

Once a year, Studio Petit4, where Constanze and two other illustrators work, hosts a small soiree to present their latest creative efforts. These include Constanze’s regular illustration work, her charming bookmarks, and these frankly delightful keepsake tins, complete with self-illustrated Round Stickers. It’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity!

Fancy getting creative with your own goods? Have a look at our print products and see which inspire you to get busy crafting.
Written on:
18 Jun 2013
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