Meet Elizabeth Bolton

Elizabeth Bolton is a real estate agent working in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her area served is very undefined, encompassing several nearby towns and cities – so she named it herself! “I came up with the name Centers and Squares- signifying town centers and city squares - for my website.” Elizabeth explains.

Scenes of a vintage nature

“The design Centers and Squares, uses vintage images from postcards I'd collected from the towns and cities in my market, most dating from Postcard's heyday - around 1905-1920.” Elizabeth says. “I love vintage paper and the scenes on these cards, so I kept collecting.” Once Elizabeth discovered Printfinity, she was able to use her now-trademark vintage scenes as eye-catching calling cards for new clients.

Original collectibles

What we love about Elizabeth’s cards is that they’re about as non-traditional as you can get for a real estate agent – and in such a crowded market, everyone’s looking for a way to stand out. “People love the cards,” Elizabeth agrees. “To me they seem like collectibles - collect the whole set! They are unusual, and definitely memorable - if I see someone at an open house they'll remember the cards from another time we've met. I have fun pulling out the "right" card for clients - I'll try to give them a vintage scene from the town they live in or hope to live in or from the city where they work.”

Why not design some unusual Business Cards of your own?

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
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