Meet Anita

Anita Brown works as an associate producer at an animation studio – but that's just her day job. "I don’t have a specific business but I have a lot of skills, so when I hand out a Business Card, I am selling myself as a brand rather than one service. What's most important to me is making personal connections." And what better way to create connections than with a remarkable Business Card/ Sticker combination?

Want to play?

Anita designed these narrative Rounded Corner Business Cards, with a space for a different "compliment sticker" to follow the words "I met Anita Brown today...& she wanted me to know" on every card. From "that I have a nice smile" to, "that she loves the work I'm doing", Anita's created a bespoke card for every type of person. "I wanted cards that were interactive, less about me and more about the recipient" she says "And they say flattery will get you anywhere!"

Vive la difference!

Printfinity allows Anita to print up as many different compliments as she wants. Each recipient is getting a card specifically for them, featuring a genuine compliment based on what she has learned about them. "Using this card forces me to really get to know people I've just met - at the very least, I can quickly ask their favorite band" Anita says. Plus, it's quite a conversation starter – and isn't that the whole point?

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Stickers, Marketing, Retail, Business Cards
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