The California-based photography collective Hampton Roads Creative has a motto – “Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.” They’re all about pushing creative boundaries, and standing out from the crowd – just one of the many reasons we feel particularly fond of their work!

Add a bit of MOO

HRC founding member, and portrait photographer Sarah Mariel uses MOO products in all sorts of ways (and helpfully blogged about it on the HRC website – apparently we make her “squeal with delight”!). We really love her “S” for Sarah hangtag MiniCards, which she hangs from large canvas prints for customers. What makes them even more unusual is that, using Printfinity and double sided upload, she uses inspirational quotes (you can’t go wrong with a bit of Gandhi!) on the back of every card, and also seals the deal with round “S” stickers.

Simple but effective

We think that Sarah’s style of beautiful, understated branding – just one initial in the logo – is a really effective way to give a strong impression of who you are and how much you respect attention to detail, without suffering from branding overkill. If you have a logo that’s really simple, why not upload it to Stickers or MiniCards and make some of your own?

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
MiniCard Ideas, Photography
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