Whether you're cutting hair - magical or otherwise - solving problems over a cup of tea or entertaining children, send Postcards, deliver flyers, and promote yourself in the most charming of ways.

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There's magic afoot in these fairytale illustrations, hand drawn and tinted with watercolour paint. Whether you're flying high in the sky like a human rainbow, having a significant haircut (the handsome is prince optional) or there's a storm in your teacup, you can send out a little bit of sparkling fantasy - in charming Postcard form - wherever you go.

About the designer

Pau Morgan is a Chilean graphic designer; she escapes from the world and has a lot of fun creating her own world without rules. She believes in simple, beautiful things, and thinks that adults are a bit boring. She has fun with her work; flowing with materials, textures and colours, letting things happen on the drawing board as characters pop spontaneously from her mind.

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