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Ever wondered how Christmas works? We've dissected a cracker to try and get to the heart of the matter. Show your friends and family that you truly understand the festive season, to a forensic degree.

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I wanted to make MiniCards that captured the peak moment of Christmas Day, and there's something about the debris of crackers that always reminds me of that just-finished, too-stuffed glow at the Christmas dinner table, just after the last spoonful of pudding has been forced down.

About the designer

Rob Wilson is a London-based photographer and a graduate from Nottingham Trent University, where he gained a BA in Photography in 2009. As well as being MOO's in-house photographer and designer, he works freelance, and has had a book cover published by Harper Collins Canada. Rob loves collecting found objects and finding a use for them in his work. His most recent passion is aerial photography and our perception of landscapes.

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