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Now is the time to be loud, to make extravagant statements and wild claims, to paint a rainbow on your cheek and carry the world in your hair. Style isn't always about clothes. Stick that on a Postcard.

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Fashion has to be arresting, to grab the attention, or it's nothing. These provocative cartoons are a challenge to everyone from designers to retailers, from stylists to the people getting ready for a night out. Be bold! Be brash! Be colourful! Stop people in their tracks and leave their jaws agape as you pass. And always make sure you can leave your business details if they ask.

About the designer

Creating beauty and humour through fancy pictures Neil McFarland (aka Paris Hair) loves to show you his drawings and hopes very much that your enjoy resting your eyes upon them. Inspired by women and nature his work is a celebration of curls and curves, and being a cartoonist at heart, is scattered with some unusual visual tokens. The work of Paris Hair hopes to to slip your mind out of gear.

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