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Words can dominate our lives, they can create colour, shade and form from nothing but a blank page and our imaginations. These Postcards take that idea very literally, a bright, fizzing world of words.

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Kate Moross is an illustrator, a record label boss, and an all-round creative genius. Just look at this text-happy Postcard collection, which appears to have been influenced by the Beatles film Yellow Submarine. A psychedelic calling card to leave your friends and business contacts with the impression that your mind is constantly ablaze with fresh ideas, just like hers.

About the designer

Kate Moross started working for the folks of the music scene in London several years ago and has continued from there. She has been perfecting the art of hand drawn flyers, and heavily geometric graphics. Thanks to a strong right drawing arm, she has received recognition for her work in the UK, and continues to work from her studio everyday. At the ripe old age of 21, Kate is trying not to overwork herself and now takes weekends off; the self confessed workaholic is hoping to knock a few years off her life through her heavy work load and nicotine addiction.

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