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How often have you wanted to strike up a conversation with someone who could be a new friend or a potential new contact, only to realise you have run out of small talk? Try dropping them a line instead!

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You can treat these cards - from the London design duo Benrik - as a provocative gesture to yourself and others - your mission is to start conversations. It doesn't matter where they lead, so long as you start communicating. Slip these Postcards in with your mailouts, offer them as flyers to friendly-looking potential customers, leave one on the desk of the office newbie, just start talking, and pronto!

About the designers

Benrik are Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag, creators of the "Diary Will Change Your Life" cult series, and founders of www.thisadwillchangeyourlife.com, a start-up for the creative community to promote their stuff.

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