Jack Frost


Life does not have to become digitally drab just because the nights are drawing in. Use the old winter months as a chance to communicate using old analogue methods without leaving the house, like Postcards!

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These bold and stark illustrations, that come with the puff of cold air in your face and just a hit of old magic, have been created with winter in mind. Planning a party - a stag party, even on the winter equinox? Sending out early Christmas presents or setting up in business as a bobble-hat wholesaler? You could do worse than give these Postcards a try.

About the designer

Melissa is an Australian designer, illustrator and art director, whose work seeks to inspire a sense of the extraordinary in the everyday. She has a penchant for old books, modern typography, fancy ornament and smooth, curvilinear lines. Melissa is currently based in San Francisco, CA.

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