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It's a hectic life when there are a world of hobbies to try out, and you have an early bedtime. So you need to be organised. Use these Postcards to gather like-minded crafters together, and get busy!

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These tinted illustrations recall the charming children's literature of the Edwardian era - Milly-Molly-Mandy and The Railway Children in which there are endless hobbies to take up, always new skills to acquire, and sensible girls with good heads on their shoulders tend to win the day. Whether you're planning a crafting event or hosting a birthday party, give them a try.

About the designer

Julia Bereciartu was born in San Sebastian, in the north of Spain, surrounded by mountains, trees, and the ocean. Now she lives in Madrid, where she works as a graphic designer and illustrator, and spends her free time drawing in her sketchbook, taking polaroids, riding her bike, baking and knitting.

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