You don't always need to say the word 'Christmas' to make things festive. Melissa Crowley's designs have a warm holiday feeling to them - baubles, mistletoe - without relying on the fake snow.

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These meticulous, charming illustrations have been created to play with the common symbols of a festive celebration - stars in the sky, joy, baubles - without being specifically attached to any event or tradition. You can use these Postcards as party invites, or to send a heartfelt thank you, or slip them in with posted gifts, or as a handy way of dispensing nuggets of warm wisdom.

About the designer

Melissa is an Australian designer, illustrator and art director, whose work seeks to inspire a sense of the extraordinary in the everyday. She has a penchant for old books, modern typography, fancy ornament and smooth, curvilinear lines. Melissa is currently based in San Francisco, CA.

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