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If you're in the business of communications and electronic goods, these Postcards illustrate that without words, thanks to a few bashed-up old remotes and mobile phones. The rest you can add by hand.

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Who didn't love taking electrical goods apart as a kid ‚ and then unhelpfully "fixing" them? I love the implicit nostalgia that comes with the images on this Postcard design‚ it makes me think of the many happy hours I spend immersed in finding out how the TV remote worked. I can see these being a real conversation starter (it was for my family!)

About the designers

Rob Wilson is a London-based photographer and a graduate from Nottingham Trent University, where he gained a BA in Photography in 2009. Rob loves collecting found objects and finding a use for them in his work. Felix Ackermann is a freelance graphic designer and self-confessed typography geek. Before graduating from Central Saint Martins College in BA Graphic Design, Felix grew up in Germany and has lived in both Swaziland and Australia. He now resides in London. Since joining MOO, Rob and Felix have been collaborating on a number of projects. While they have different interests and skill sets, both share a common interest in design aesthetics and approach to design.

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