Shadow Puppets


In Jane Dixon's world of silhouetted grotesques, it's perfectly possible for a pony to dance on the back of a dog, or play a guitar, or for a mermaid to snog a fish. Why not make it your world too?

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Here's a eccentric challenge - with this unique set of cards, you can pretty much send any message you wish, from an invite to meet for tea to a playdate at the aquarium to a business meeting with a travelling circus. So, what are you going to do with yours? have a think, let your mind wander, and see just how far it can go.

About the designer

Odd colorful shapes, quirky line, and a curtsy to the gods of Yin and Yang combine to form Jane's whimsical yet sophisticated style. Many themes parade through the studio. Favorites include: food and wine, the Arts, children's topics, flora, fauna, and social humor. Jane is a self-taught artist and works both digitally and traditionally in water media. She lives and works near Chicago, Illinois.