Peskimo Sunshine


From the depths of the ocean to the sun up in the sky, the Peskimo design team deliver a bright summery collection in which everything - from the laughing blue whale to the happy strawberries - is smiling.

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This collection has been created for anyone who likes to spread a bit of happiness, brightness and colour wherever they go. It can be via bright and friendly mini business cards, bright and engaging appointment reminders, or tempting invitations to blow off a day and watch some tennis, go fishing, or have a picnic under a blazing and happy sun.

About the designer

'Peskimo' is actually a pair or monster-loving artists, also known as David and Jodie. They've illustrated and animated their colourful creations all over the world - to wide acclaim. When not strong-armed into working to other people's deadlines, they like to create their own prints, toys and art.