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These MiniCards are all about teamwork. You take one vibrant tone, overlay another, and you've created a third. Stick a few together in interesting abstract shapes, and you've got yourself a team!

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Hello Hello are masters of colour and shape, and these bright and cheerful MiniCards are an opportunity to spread a little of their light wherever you go. Best of all, they're abstract enough as patterns to be applicable for any use you could possibly come up with, from mini Business Cards to party reminders, sales tags to gift tags.

About the designer

An artist in every sense of the word. Stephen Crowhurst (AKA Hello Hello) is in a constant mode of creation. Stephen started his visual career as an artist graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Experimental Painting. Soon after exhibiting his work in galleries around the world as an Artist and freelancing as an Illustrator. Over the past 12 years of his visual career he has devoted himself to discovering the beauty out of the mundane and the value of subtlety within his subject matter. From Toy Characters, Interior Design Elements, and Surface Design for Fashion and Industrial Design products. Stephen is a true Visual Artist with a commitment to the goal of creating personal and culturally relevant work.