Furious Fractals


Who says maths can't be beautiful? These spiralling fractal patterns are here to set the record straight. Use them as gift tags, price tags, invites and calling cards for professors and old ravers alike.

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Even at this size, the ever-descending scale of these fractal designs - especially when rendered into these hugely appealing colour schemes - can draw you right in. Some resemble exotic sunflowers, others look more like spindly coastlines - Cornwall with Norwegian fjords, basically - and all of them are deeply, mathematically captivating.

About the designer

Karen 'KC' Coleman is a fractal and mosaic artist living in Sunriver, Oregon. Her fractal art is a reflection of her fascination with shape and color. Her mosaic art is a reflection of her tendency to follow shiny objects. Growing up, KC's mum told her that her art had character. Now her character has art.