Frenzied Faces


What do these MiniCards say about the person handing them out? Lots of manic energy, and a winning smile - clearly a creative sort with a fine eye for colour and hot dogs. And an occasional killer of candy.

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There's a delightfully sinister edge to these cartoon faces, one that takes them out of the sugary sweetness of Disney and into a darker realm altogether. Oh sure, they have the charm and the energy, they have the button noses and shiny eyes, but those two-tone stripes and oddly blank eyes suggest a slight curdling of the milkshake. Not just for kids, after all.

About the designer

Brian Taylor describes Candykiller as a 'collection of assorted visual ramblings'. It's inspired by a multitude of things including trading cards, cheap novelties, Japanese pop culture, vintage cartoons, plastic toys, underground comix and sideshows.