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There's a battle going on. Empty-eyed goons against one-eyed asteroids, with a beaten-up bunny leading the charge. These disturbingly cute MiniCards may be the last record of this epic struggle. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain.

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These cartoons live in the area where dreams and nightmares collide. True grotesques, they have all of the charm of kids cartoons, but a distinctly hard-bitten, grown-up air about them, as if all innocence has been cruelly stripped away, leaving nothing but gleeful cynicism in its wake. Lifelong comic book fans know this feeling well, of course.

About the designer

Brian Taylor describes Candykiller as a 'collection of assorted visual ramblings'. It's inspired by a multitude of things including trading cards, cheap novelties, Japanese pop culture, vintage cartoons, plastic toys, underground comix and sideshows.