A Bird In The Hand


Melissa Crowley's birds are very stoic creatures - the very opposite of angry, in fact - whether sitting, partridge-like, in a pear tree, hiding in mistletoe or staring across a branch of firefly sparkles.

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The beauty of this design is in the fusion of shapes from the natural world - the bird silhouettes, the mistletoe or bonsai pear tree - with modern design techniques. This also applies to the colours, those vibrant turquoises, tans and burgundies are soft and natural, but still sharp and vivid. A Postcard set for anyone with one foot in the internet and the other in the garden (and both feet in wellies).

About the designer

Melissa is an Australian designer, illustrator and art director, whose work seeks to inspire a sense of the extraordinary in the everyday. She has a penchant for old books, modern typography, fancy ornament and smooth, curvilinear lines. Melissa is currently based in San Francisco, CA.