Thrills & Pills


There’s no mistaking the message on this uncompromising design – we’re here to party, so make sure you’re prepared for the day after the night before! Any host or hostess with a funky playlist and a well stocked bar would be proud to send these out to party-loving guests.

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Well, this one is pretty obvious – we all know about the aftermath, whether it’s a big old rave in a forest in Essex, or a more civilised affair in a London penthouse. The result is the same – and if you don’t have a headache, then you haven’t partied hard enough!

About the designer

Chris Baron graduated with a BA in Multimedia Design in 2005 from Southampton University, UK. He has worked in various creative fields within packaging, print and film, including projects for the BBC and Guerilla Creative Production. He draws inspiration from the urban landscape as well as design pioneers like Saul Bass.

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