Dotty Greetings


Some things need to be said without a lot of fuss, but that doesn't mean they can't also be pretty. So while the text on these Postcards is heartfelt and to-the-point, the light dusting of decorative dots is pure eye-candy.

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When creating something that carries a definite and very clear message, there's a fine line between uncluttered minimalism and unemotional blankness. I like the power of the simple block capitals on a white background, but wanted to add a frame that would add emphasis to what is being said without having to make the text bigger.

About the designer

Emily is a Boston-based designer who earned her BFA in Visual Communication Design at the Hartford Art School. When not working at MOO she's most likely in her tiny home studio, sewing her own dresses, reading lots of non-fiction, and making breakfast for dinner.

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