Sheldon Cooper


On one side, the essential details displayed with bold typography and falling Tetris pieces - a reminder of days lost to those tumbling shapes - and on the other, the completed mosaic wall in all its glory.

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Fans of the TV comedy show "The Big Bang Theory" will of course know just how precise, superior, infuriating and yet strangely loveable Professor Sheldon Cooper is. Plus, he's a massive fan of vintage video games. I can certainly picture Sheldon playing non-stop on a Game-Boy until his eyes hurt... But then, haven't we all done that at some point?

About the designer

Mina Demiren graduated from Central Saint Martins College in BA Graphic Design. She has been part of 'Print Matters', an interest group challenging conventions and exploring boundaries within book publishing. Those projects were either self-initiated or client motivated – clients included AND publishing and Centre of Possible Studies, among others. Mina believes type and image goes hand in hand and pays equal amounts of attention to both. Mina grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, and now lives and works in London.

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