A bespoke card for the creative industries, with apposite logos for every discipline. Whether used for sales tags or accompanying a cake, these Minicards should be treated as a hallmark of quality.

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I wanted to create a design with very clear, simple iconography, for people who make things with their hands. So there's a quill icon for writers, a whisk for bakers and so on. But I wanted them to have a businesslike Minicard, to make a distinction between the hand-finished quality of the product and the serious intent with which the business is run.

About the designer

Felix Ackermann is a freelance graphic designer and self-confessed typography geek. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College in BA Graphic Design, after spending his first two undergraduate years at Curtin University of Perth, Australia. Felix has worked for City & Guilds, Queen Rania of Jordan, and is part of Ludopoli's design team. He has a special interest in pushing the boundaries of conventional typography and his work has been featured in Wallpaper magazine, among other arts and design related publications. Felix has spoken at Typography Day, an international typography conference. Felix grew up in Germany and has lived in both Swaziland and Australia. He now resides in London.