Zip it!

Double-sided Business Cards

Business Cards for fashion students, designers, seamstresses and pattern cutters should accentuate the details – sometimes, the right fastening, zip or subtle difference in fabric is the key to the perfect outfit.

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I live in a really fashion-centric part of London, and I see a lot of attention to detail whenever I step outside my house, with a particular emphasis on accessories. I designed these cards for fabric shop owners, seamstresses, designers and anyone in the fashion or wholesale industry, focusing in on the tiny details - fastenings, zips and texture. Hopefully they just fall short of being too revealing!

About the designer

Chris Baron graduated with a BA in Multimedia Design in 2005 from Southampton University, UK. He has worked in various creative fields within packaging, print and film, including projects for the BBC and Guerilla Creative Production. He draws inspiration from the urban landscape as well as design pioneers like Saul Bass.