You've Nailed It

Double-sided Business Cards

Why do people get their nails done? They want to feel good, look good, and stand out from the crowd on the strength of their attention to detail. Salon owners, nail technicians and manicurists can entice new clients in the market for a manicure with these “wall of colour” Business Cards.

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Imagine that wall of nail polishes that dazzle your eyes as you walk into a salon. What colour will you chose? Maybe your feel that your nails will be clean and simple that day, or perhaps you're going for a more flamboyant look. As these cards will tell you, the possibilities are endless.

About the designer

Snow Powers is a graduate of the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis, where she gained degrees in Communication Design and Marketing. Her particular interests lie in integrating typography with illustration. Before joining MOO, Snow spearheaded a visual marketing campaign for Local Harvest Cafe in St. Louis.