Pumping Iron

Double-sided Business Cards

Business cards for personal trainers and gym owners can sometimes be incredibly simple. Why do you go to the gym? To lose weight and tone up. And how do you do it? By pumping that iron! Straight to the point and elegantly rendered.

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I joined a gym once, I think! Which means I signed up for a year, but only worked out once or twice. And while the details remain hazy, the one thing that I remember very clearly from my induction is that an effective workout is about keeping things simple. And while I myself may lack a six-pack, I'm still inspired by my memories of what might have been.

About the designer

Chris Baron graduated with a BA in Multimedia Design in 2005 from Southampton University, UK. He has worked in various creative fields within packaging, print and film, including projects for the BBC and Guerilla Creative Production. He draws inspiration from the urban landscape as well as design pioneers like Saul Bass.