Double-sided Business Cards

Photographers, invite your customers to see the world through your viewfinder with this striking design: five Business Cards showing a beautiful landscape framed by an ever-widening aperture. Also suitable for directors, cameramen and filmmakers.

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The aperture stop of a photographic lens can be adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the film or image sensor. Typically, a fast shutter speed will require a larger aperture, and a slow shutter speed will require a smaller aperture, to ensure a perfect picture. Photographs: George Grinstead.

About the designer

Monika Koziol was MOO's senior graphic designer. She was raised in Poland, and graduated from London's Central Saint Martin College of Art with a BA in Graphic Design. Previously a freelance designer for publishing companies and charitable organizations, Monika loves everything simple and bold, and believes the definition of good design to be both sustainable and beautiful.