As consumer or partner site wishing to use the MOO API must first register to receive API credentials by visiting the registration page.

A MOO account must logged into or created if it does not exist. A form with the following fields should be completed. All fields are mandatory.

  • Name - The name of the person registering the consumer
  • Email Address - The email address of the person registering the consumer
  • Application Title - The name of the accessing consumer application.
  • Application URL - The base URL of the consumer web site. E.g. Note that the URL scheme is mandatory
  • OAuth Callback URL - The OAuth callback URL on the consumer web site. E.g.
  • Order Confirmation Callback URL - A URL to be used to make AJAX calls back to your application from the end-customer's browser from the confirmation page, to report tracking IDs assigned during the moo.pack.createPack call. E.g. See the Order Tracking documentation for more details

Once filled in, clicking the "Register" button will return with a consumer key and consumer secret, e.g.

  • Consumer Key: 0772a68910c8445ba04c6d03d7951d200ef5c00a1
  • Consumer Secret: 6f7dc86ab565778a554d77da886ab

These keys must be used to sign both the OAuth authorisation processes and all MOO API methods.

You can register more than 1 API key per MOO account. This can be very useful when you want to have 1 key for use in development, another for a testing environment, and then a production key. They will be listed on the API section of Your account, using the "Application Title".