The MOO API is a set of methods for creating and modifying packs of MOO products such as MiniCards, StickerBooks, Postcards, and Business Cards, and sending the user into the design process at any point from the image upload step, all the way to the shopping cart. Currently, method data must be provided (and is returned) in the JSON format. By using OAuth for authentication, users of API consuming services do not have to disclose their MOO account details to consuming services. Included in every response is a "dropIns" element that provides links to the MOO web site to allow further operations to be performed, for example choosing and cropping images, editing details, previewing and adding to the shopping cart.

Methods are broken down into 'Pack', 'Template' and 'Image' services.


To make an API method request, you'll need some API key credentials. These can be obtained by completing the API registration form.


Each method is called by sending a request to the API service end point with a method name and parameters.

Pack Methods

Template Methods

Image Methods

  • moo.image.uploadImage - Upload an image from the application into the MOO image system for use in a Pack
  • moo.image.importImage - Imports an image from a given HTTP URI into the MOO image system for use in a Pack

Text Methods

  • moo.text.measure - Returns the measurements (width, height, number of lines) that the supplied text will have once rendered in the given font

End Points

Below are listed all the HTTP endpoints needed to use the MOO API

Service Calls

The API endpoint for all calls is http://www.moo.com/api/service/ (or https://secure.moo.com/api/service/ if you prefer to use SSL connections)

OAuth Authentication URLs

Please see the Authentication page for more details. Note however that almost all MOO API calls can be made with 2-legged authentication and as such you have no need to use the OAuth endpoints to retrieve request and access tokens