Drop-In Points

Drop-in Points

Drop-in points allow the user to return to the MOO web site at a number of predefined stages in the design and checkout flow. Each drop-in point requires the pack to pass a series of validation criteria before it can be used, e.g. you cannot add an empty pack to the cart.

Drop-in points are returned in a "dropIn" element. A list of allowable warnings is maintained for each drop-in. If the list of pack warnings is a subset of this list, then the drop-in is offered.

Example dropIn Element

'dropIns' : {
    'edit' : 'http://www.moo.com/create/pixel.php?pid=14&bid=2',
    'finish' : 'http://www.moo.com/create/finish.php?pid=14&bid=2'

Drop-in Descriptions

Allowable Warnings
Edit the pack
PV010, PV011
Choose paper stock (business cards only)   
Choose the number of items to order (business cards + minicards only)   
Choose accessories and add to cart  

The drop-in points for 'imageChooser', 'crop', 'details' and 'preview' are deprecated, but may still appear in the response.

Language handling

By default, the drop-in URLs will cause the user to end up on the English version. You can force the user to end up on the translated version of the website by using one of the following API endpoint URLs instead:

  • /fr/api/service/ for French
  • /de/api/service/ for German
  • /es/api/service/ for Spanish
  • /it/api/service/ for Italian